Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Murray/Kerry an Adoptees Blog

This is my place of birth on the 23rd or 24th day of February 1950.
The place was called Rocklyn House Home for Unwed mothers.
The Salvation Army ran this home and they have never apologised for the manner in which it was ran

This blog will tell of my journey of discovery and the anguish of being a late discovery adoptee. it will tell of past anguish and future hopes of finding at this late stage of life who i am.  It will also tell of the hopes and dreams of so many adoptees to be recognised as equeals in this great land called Australia in that our anguish and emotional (in some cases physical) pain will be recognised by our leaders as being part of the Forced Adoptions Era in which our mothers were treated so harshly.  The crimes committed against the mothers during this dark period of history resulted in two victims and as such both victims demand equal validation from the Governments of The commonwealth of Australia


  1. Thankyou for posting this on your blog. I too was born at Rocklyn House in Launceston in 1950. I have never seen the building before. Do you have the address, so that I can go there and have a look?

  2. Liz, Rocklyn house is now called edenholme grange and here is their webpage link

    It is at the end of St Andrew's st. you will also see the large steps ring down to Maitland st. The adopting parents used to walk up these steps pick up their babies and go down. I was told by local residents that the girls used to stand on the balcony trying to get a last glimpse of their babies. A sad place. i have signed the visitors book there back in the early nineties when i was searching for my mother. you are only the second person with whom i have had contact who was born there, the other being Merlene fawdry, a poet who now lives in Ararat. Hope this helps. murray