Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Miracle Of Birth

This day a very good friend of mine received news that she was the grandmother of fine new baby girl.  This dear little girl was born in an atmosphere of joy and hope and is a sign that humanity lives on.
A small part of me wistfully thought about mine an my fellow adoptees births and knew there was no joy with our births, no hope and definitely no sign humanity lived on because of that birth. Our births occurred in an atmosphere of fear, anger distress rage and a world of yesterday that looked upon our mothers and us with an extremely negative attitude.  Sadly today that fear, anger and rage still lives on in the hearts of those who have not manged to get past the terrible events surrounding our births.  But quite miraculously many have been able to move on and live with no rage, no anger and with a kind and good heart and soul.  They are the silent majority of mothers and adoptees and whilst i am sure they all suffer to some degree, they do not live in a world of anger desire for revenge or in a constant rage of the injustices of the past.  These are the people i salute and wish them so much peace in their lives.

But this post is about the miracle of life.  Despite the circumstances surrounding out births we must never forget that our births was part of the miracle that occurs everyday on this earth and as such we are a living example of all that is good on this world.  Despite our handicaps the vast majority of us have grown up and become fruitful members of our societies, who never deliberately try to destroy another human being emotionally or physically.  The vast majority of us can be extremely proud of our life achievements and as we have become active in helping our fellow adoptees we can hold our head up high.  we are not about hate rage and a desire for revenge. we leave that to those still locked into old society attitudes. we are all about moving on and helping our fellow adoptees in the process.  That is our legacy from the miracle of life and we must be proud.

I thank that dear little girl who was born this morning for helping me see past some of the pain i have been suffering for so long now, and when i weep, like now, it is with joy not pain.

Dedicated to Sister Janice and Alice Mary


  1. Thank you brother Murray, you are a real inspiration!
    Love Sister Janice and Alice Mary.

  2. Beautifully wrought Muzz, beautiful.


  3. Beautiful Muzz, the miracle of new life, the joy of new beginnings.x

  4. lovely, muzz, brilliant. what an optimistic post. ~ clare