Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What Price Justice

In the song "And the band played Waltzing Matilda"  one of the lines says "and the young ones ask what are they marching for and i ask myself the same question".

So it is with this Senate inquiry.  I ask what are the minority mothers and adoptees fighting for and i am sure that the young of this great country are also asking the same question.  I also see them in line with the poor veterans of this country marching as tired old men from a tired old war.  This minority group is fighting yesteryear's war using the tactics of yesteryear but fighting the wrong enemy.  They are similar to President George W Bush who went into Iraq when he had not finished fighting in Afghanistan.  They are fighting the federal government when in fact the battle is still with the state government the governments responsible for adoption in this country under the constitution.  The commonwealth may have helped to facilitate common legislation but it was the states responsibility to enact legislation and also put into place procedures to ensure compliance.  But they emulate President Bush in a much more insidious area.

President Bush declared your either with us or against us in the war on  terror.  So it is with the persons from Origins SPSA NSW branch.  They have declared it is their way or they will do what ever it takes to stop others from having some form of peace of mind.  When you oppose them they will ostracise , they will attempt to isolate from your friends and will attempt to denigrate you and abuse and threaten you.  Today the following was made in reference to this author going  to Canberra for the handing down of the report into forced adoptions.
M J Bugger V. I hope I don't run into him
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• VB You and me both M. I can do without spending a night in a jail cell Im getting too old for it besides them cells are cold down that way, so Ive heard.
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This is just one of a string of personal abuse and implied threats going back 6 months or more.

Here is one from the secretary of origins:
"I love you Murray but it is obvious to me that you have conflicts of interest in favour of your naive adopters. Not all adopters are naive. Did yours place a veto on your darling mother? I bet not. Well most did, Murray. How do you think that would feel as a reward for years of trauma??? I think you have too much to say for one of so little experience; after all, you did not have a child stolen from your womb. Humble yourself, Murray."

This is the tactics of people fighting tired old wars and is symbolic of those deserving pity for their inability to move on and find a some level of peace.

I make no bones about disagreeing strongly with the goals and objectives of origins SPSA as I believe that an nation wide apology with the funding to ensure well trained professionals are the first priority for the half million people ion this country who have suffered from the tragedy of adoption.  But i have never nor will i ever attempt to minimise the pain and suffering so many of my good friends who had their children taken have suffered.  I too am a victim of the past and i must live with it.  Yes i do get angry and yes i do weep but I believe that after the time lapse since the events that have reshaped mine and many others life's has occurred , justice is now being used to try to extract revenge on society.  In the case Arthur V Qld 2004, the evidence was given that a desire for revenge and to make people pay was uppermost in the claimants mind.  but just as so many people who witness the execution of a prisoner who has murdered one of their loved ones have found.  Justice and revenge brings no peace.

In conclusion when anyone tries to silence others who disagree with them through intimidation fear, bullying cyberbullying and implied threats, it is usually because they are void of any moral qualms and must always be treated with the utmost caution by all as they oppose the ideals of freedom of speech and are not truly seeking justice


  1. Well stated my friend.

  2. Oh Muzz!!!!!!!! You start with one of my favourite songs and go on to my favourite cause, that of justice for adult adoptees and the impediments to that. Your best post yet. x

  3. You forgot to mention about the horrendous hatred that you have inflicted upon Natural Mothers and Adoptees Murray. Or did you conveniently 'forget' about that???

  4. I am sorry that anonymous has so much hatred in his/her heart that they can't see that I have not generated horrendous hatred towards mothers and adoptees. in fact i can go record as saying i have always empathised with the mothers and adoptees generally. What i have refused to do is to believe the one eyed dogma and mantra that a minority noisy group have used to intimidate and try to silence those who have a broader view of the terrible things that happened within Australia over the period 1930's to 1980's. Sadly i read transcript that showed this behaviour was also quite obvious back in 2001. To the many mothers and adoptees out there who have supported me and helped me through the difficult twelve months I say thank you. to those like the person who commented so anonymously (some could cowardly) I am sorry for your pain but don't export it to the rest of us and all yu have done is prove my point.