Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Rewriting The truth

To day in the Melbourne Age , i read an opinion piece by Dmetri Kakmi in which he tried to blame the fact that the late Peter roebuck might still be alive today if people did frown on his homosexuality. he describes Roebuck as a person whose homosexuality (hidden from his family) was why he was driven to set up a home for disadvantaged boys in Africa and paid for their education whilst at the same time abusing them sexually and physically with canings.  He calls it a sad case.  This opinion whilst not excusing the abuse has tried to sanitise the late late Mr Roebucks behaviour by blaming upon his homosexuality.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Any other paedophile who travels  overseas  to places like Cambodia and Thailand, the federal police would be on this case and he would be before the federal court.  It would appear the Mr roebuck who came to the attention of British police many years ago was able to enter australia and become a resident despite his less than idyllic past.  One must ask why has the cricketing fraternity helped to cover up what was known about Mr Roebuck.  I have criticised the Catholic church over it's cover ups of abuse within that churches organisations.  i have also been very critical of other organisation that allowed it to occur.

As an adoptee i am highly critical of the attempts by state authorities to hide the truth behind the non compliance of the state governments own rules and procedures.  So now as a person who was subject to decades of cover ups about my own past, I deplore any attempt by anyone to sanitise the actions of Mr Roebuck and then to falsely blame it on the fact he was a closet homosexual.  it was never his homosexuality that caused the activities to occur.  it was because of a desire to control people and have his own stable of youths.  And his caning of many of them indicates a sadistic streak may have been present.

The death of Mr Roebuck is a personal tragedy for his family and to have his dark side surface in such a manner must be horrendous to them.  But please do not try to justify his actions.

this is not an adoptee related issue but it does show that abuse of young people quite easily occurs when conducted without the proper scrutiny of the media and the public.  Young people like my mother whom i never met were abused within the system.  Hundreds of thousands of others were also quietly abused and sometimes with the assistance of the police.  hundreds and thousands of adoptees were raised many unaware of the truth behind their circumstances .  Many adoptees were also abused by their legal parents as no one wanted to know their fate once they were taken.  Yes hidden abuse also occurred with natural parents under the noses of authorities.  but with adoptees, some one in a position of authority gave us to complete strangers so the onus was on the authorities to ensure things went smoothly.  But sadly as with Mr Roebuck's charges thing went wrong and no one cared


  1. Agree Murray, well said! There should be accountability. Puppies are more protected after adoption it seems!!

  2. Well said. One thing that needs to be said, however, is that homosexuality and pedophilia are not synonymous. Most homosexuals will not abuse a child. Pedophiles, however, will abuse their "preferred" victim, regardless of the sex of the pedophile.

    From a former foster child, thank you.