Monday, 9 July 2012

The politics of Adoption

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Jan Stewart I find that repugnant....opening the conversation may not be difficult but closing it you just walk away and leave the person? Are they left bleeding on the lounge while you go your merry way......half of knowing what you are doing with damaged people is knowing how to close a " conversation" Let me know nothing about me or my views.....
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Murray Legro I do know you are a arrogant person who knows nothing about the world i live nor for that matter any other adoptee. And for the record verification checks are done on me by my employer and i have no doubt if i had left anyone bleeding on the floor i would not be working. This again shows your arrogance and ignorance.
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Jan Stewart I feel very sorry for you......
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Murray Legro I don't want or need your sorrow. Feel sorry for Janice who almost died after the last attack on her from your friends. Feel sorry for Kerry saint who was abused by your fiends. Feel sorry for glen Campbell who was ostracised by your friends for being mine. Feel sorry for Marea Mckewan . Feel sorry for Christin Coralive who was dumped like a hot potato and who they never got her name right. I don't need your sorrow and would not ask for it

With these words from one Jan Stewart from Forbes a member of origins Australia, this person went into a meltdown The reason for this meltdown was the fact that the admin of the group it was on censored and removed me for responding, which i did and then removed me from the page.  This person who was the admin is a so called adoption expert who just showed he knows nothing of handling people of of ensuring an unbiased management. yet he makes money from being an expert on adoption.

Just as the adoption industry especially in the USA is a market based industry where administration fees are charged based upon race, so the adoption healing industry is increasingly becoming a market based money making business.  Whilst not deliberate, one depends upon the other for their continual survival.

There are so many out there who claim to have all the answers to your adoption woes, but it is in a book  costing between 20 to 30 dollars, there are links to credit cards which then ensures a flow of income for the persons "approved" funds.  it has become a dirty process where the most vulnerable of us are treated like cash cows and 100 percent loyalty is demanded.  It in my opinion the closest you will get to a cult like status

It is also happening in Australia.  I saw the incredible sight of a group of grown women yelling out another woman's name like she was a goddess. it quite frankly disturbed me because this was how cults are started.  I then see on a website there is a counsellor  with the title "....... trained"  No reference is made to any academic qualifications just trained by a organisation which has only one view of how things have happened. So one can only assume that the counselling will only be in line with the aims and objectives of the organisation.

This is the problem we have as adoptees. Finding good quality qualified psychologists and counsellors, especially in Australia.  For too long the professionals have not treated the issue with any degree of concern and as such it has allowed those with less than ideal qualifications to fill the void which has resulted in either a person becoming a disciple of the organisation or " counsellor" and the alternative which is complete mental destruction of the person.

Now many organisation do provide a link to professionals who have had experience and maybe that is why they are not popular with some.  In Australia these  are Vanish, Jigsaw, PARC and PASQ.  I am not too sure about Western Australia , and South Australia but i do know in Tasmania there is none.

Any professional that allows such statements to be made on their group like that above must have the objectivity challenged as well as their abilities.  Due to nature of the adoption trade industry in the USA the type of person who allowed such to go unchallenged by him will always have a steady stream of clients and the long term result will be more heartache for those who do not convert to their mantra


  1. This is a huge problem for us and one I hope will be adressed by the recommendations of the Inquiry in time.There needs to be a register of properly trained, supervised and skilled counsellors who are police checked.Those who provide support to groups also need to be scrutinised due to the untold damage that can be done by the unskilled, the damaged and the ill advised.America has different regs but any good professional is scrupulous about the need to keep professional activities and personal ones apart.

  2. well put Von. I would never be able to be a counsellor I know but I know that it helps to have a qualified person checked by Vanish to assist me. I also know jigsaw Qld trains their facilitators and that is a giant step forward

  3. Murray, you are easily one of the most balanced and coinsiderate people I have met in the crazy world that is adoption.

  4. I so agree Muzz and Von, I am completely disgusted when organisations involved in the taking of babies then hide behind another organisation to take money for counseling etc.. for the damage they did in the first place. No mother or adoptee, father, should ever be charged for counselling, getting their own information, reunions,or fees to join an organisation etc. All of it is repugnant to me to the point that I feel quite angry about it. This is something we really need to educate our government about. Why should any of us pay for a crime we did not commit but was committed against us?

    1. I just wish you people would understand that all the names you mention here who were blocked, were blocked for very good reason. We are all damaged but you people seem to enjoy taking pot-shots at those who are doing wonders for us, I am sorry that late discovery adoptees are so bitter, I can understand your bitterness, but I do not understand why you want to take it out on other people's mothers. If you have a problem in life, it's yours, deal with it and stop the character assassinations. It's all over the internet, we only have to google Murrays name for reams of evidence of slander, libel etc. Get a brain, you are accomplishing nothing but dissent and bringing trouble on your name Murray, see how you come across to the rest of the world, the only people that follow you are the ones who have been ostracized for their irrational behaviour.

  5. I thank you for recommending to people that they google me. because all it shows is a person who is passionate about the freedom to state their individual views without being accused of slander, libel and others by people trying to silence me. The fact tat you have lurked on this blog for so long shows the devious nature of a person unwilling to tell the world who she is. many people have disagreed with me on this blog but all have had the courage to give their names, not hide behind a one post nome de plume blog. it shows the cowardly nature of the sorts of attacks that have been made upon my character by those who dwell in the darkness of society.

    This blog is about my adoption experience and part of that experience is to learn just how bullying and unprincipled some can be when having their myths and views legitimately challenged. The attitude of those are more akin to the attitudes of people who practised the art of eugenics than that of genuinely aggrieved persons

  6. Oh!!! by the way, i don't have followers as i don't pretend to be a leader like some. The people i am involved with are a team of equals and all play a magnificent part in exposing the truth about the plight of adoptees without being looked down upon by those with a superiority complex

  7. It never fails to amaze how as soon as adoptees express their views on the adopted life that only they lead and are experts on others, usually mothers, tell them they are bitter,dissenting, libellous etc. You bet we're dissenting because those of you who are not adoptees don't know, will never know and have no right to try to define the adopted life or make the rules.BOB

  8. well gutless wonder, the fact that i have passed a national police check in the last three months as part of my employment just shows how slanderous and gutless a slime ball like you is. No matter what you say or try to do I WILL NOT BE SILENCED BY YOU AND THOSE OF YOUR ILK

  9. Isn't there a way Google can track the sender Murray? I'd say they could. Give it a go. This is bullying and should not be tolerated.

  10. LIES, who ever wrote such rubbish is one horrible disturbed individual.
    If i ever find out who you are, its on!!
    from his daughter
    sandra legro