Thursday, 16 May 2013


Over the last few years years we have seen governments and territories in this great country of ours sincerely regret the manner and methods used in the treatment of babies, children and their parents.  we have had the Stolen generations Apology in relation to the removal of indigenous children from their parents, some of who went to institutions some adopted, we have had the child migrant apology for the manner in which children were removed from their families in the United kingdom and treated as workhorses and abused by people and institutions, we have had the Forgotten Australian those place in care and similarly treated and finally those affected by the past and forced adoption practises. I do not doubt the governments of the day and their sincerity in the profound apologies they gave.  but as actions speak louder than words we now find that they have not really heard what happened thus casting doubt upon the integrity of parliaments to give priority to those in need especially the children.

Even as the NSW government was apologising for the past practises involving removal of children for adoption, they have been planning to use adoption as a means to solve what they see is a large children in care problems, some of which would have been caused by conservative government largess in paying people to have babies. Sound almost like prostitution or a police state fertility drive doesn't it.
The NSW government is appearing to shrug it's shoulders and move the problem of having children in care along with the financial burden to unsuspecting innocent families or people desperate to have children. Sounds familiar, it should because that was the prime motive of governments in the past.  Move the costs burdens and to hell with the consequences. Honestly in this day where people want babies how many prospective adoptive families would want a child who has been traumatised by events at their home in their short life .More importantly how many would have the vital skills to help this child grow up with minimal damage.

Now lets us look at the Northern Territory a territory whose leader is a indigenous person, a territory that refuses to believe that forced adoption occurred within it's borders to non indigenous persons.  Sounds like a president of a African nation doesn't it who did not believe HIV could be spread by heterosexual sexual activity.  Well now we see that government proposing to forcibly remove indigenous children from families for adoption. the reason solely on the cost of caring for those children.  my how we have listened to the lessons of the past.

But wait there is more.  our Commonwealth government has shown a complete disregard for the physical and emotional well being of young children who have come to our country via refugee boats seeking asylum. What do they.  why the institutionalise them on Manus Island or other offshore centres as well as remote locations like Curtin detention centre. The reason for doing this is to stop the boats. They say they want to get rid of the people smugglers so they punish the innocent by doing it.  I have never heard of innocents in the past ever being punished for the actions of another.  And lest some say they should stay in Indonesia and wait in line, what line.  Indonesia does not abide by the UNHCR rules. Their detention centres are far worse than any we have constructed and by god ours are barbaric when it comes to the welfare of children.  Such detention only breeds the conditions under which our child migrants and Forgotten Australian lived under with the resulting horrors.

Whilst it is easy to point the finger at the government and opposition, and i do, i also point my finger at my fellow Australians who by and large are decent people. but just like in the period when i was forcibly removed from my mother, you all have a tendency to put your head in the sand and not want to see or hear what is happening with a new generation of Forgotten Australians because yes most of these children will come here eventually.  I  think 1934 to 1945 was the last time a nation's people put their heads in the sand. Am i right

Murray Legro
born Kerry Clark

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