Sunday, 20 October 2013



A official letter came in the mail
Showed my real name as a babe
Another paper came as well
Saying that other people could have me as well
The signature I did take note
It was my mothers consent to give me the boot

Now I have signed so many things
My wife signed to have her breast taken away
So why should think anything else
Other than I was not wanted for better or worse

Now as the years have swiftly flown
I know consents are not as shown
Some were drugged and given a paper
To legalise taking from a mother

Others signed in fear you know
Of parents who threatened to disown
The stories told are quite horrific
Of mother’s suffering most significant

But some did sign in relief you know
For that little problem to just go
But even them now do suffer
Because decisions made that last forever

The heart does know my mother was made
To sign me away so with her I could not go

But when the brain kicks in a voice can appear
Asks is this the truth for it sounds weird
Did she dump me like a hot potato?
Or was she forced, as the heart knows

Murray Legro  (Kerry Clark)

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