Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The toxicity of being an adult adoptee

One of the most debilitating thing about being an adoptee in this period where the issues of what happened in the past are most uppermost in the mind is the toxic atmosphere that is created by those in need of assistance.  Adoptees who had no say in the future as babies grow into adults with all the fears and phobias described in " The Primal Wound" .  The feelings of being unwanted and unloved last a lifetime and is passed onto the next generation like a contagious cancer. As a result many adoptees cower in fear of expressing their true feelings. These situation are then excaberbated when people with hatred in their hearts attempt to destroy those who have the courage to speak out against dictatorial dogma's of those who claim to have the superior view and an attitude of hatred and revenge for past injustices both real and imagined.
This toxicity emanates like a fatal disease into the community of adoptees and mothers. it causes distrust, pain, suffering and in many cases is so much worse than the original sin that committed in the name of god, social values, family honour and the market place of the adoption industry.  The most common thread appearing with adoption is fear. And many persons who have rage and anger in their hearts cultivate this fear for their own personal gain. And what do many of good will do. Absolutely nothing and the toxicity of adoption continues and people are revved up on false hopes that only bringing frail elderly people to some form of justice will bring peace. this is a false god and friensdships are strained to such a degree that trauma is committed all over again.

I as an adoptee have been rejected by mother three times in my life, i have been lied to by my adopting parents and traded like a commodity in the market place.  I have found i belong nowhere, my family have suffered the consequences and in all lilkelihood i will leave this earth alone alienated from all.
But what has been done to me by those with toxic hearts and black souls in the name of adoption justice is as bad and possibly worse than what ever was done in the past. beause it was done by those who should have understood

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