Monday, 1 August 2011

Are we newsworthy

As i was travelling home from  Echuca yesterday, I was listening to the ABC news and heard a live news feed from the senate committee inquiry into Koala habitats.  Reflecting back i do not recall any live news feeds from the Senate current affairs reference committee into forced adoption practices.

This has sharply brought into focus my view that we, the adoptees and mothers of this shameful period are not newsworthy.maybe it is because we are not cuddly although many think I have a rotund cuddly body. 

it is a sad reflection on society today that they are as disinterested today in what happened to us as they were all those years ago when adoptees were forcibly removed from their mothers arms and placed with others.

A very sad indictment on society


  1. If we did a survey of 1000 people who are not adopted or relinquishing mums about the recent ABC coverage from Newcastle and the interview on the George Negus Show; I fear that more than 90% would ask us what are you talking about. Its sad but we are of most peoples radar.

  2. Yes I beleive we are.Von