Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What price Justice part 2

In response to my post last month "What price justice"  the following anonymous  comment was made " You forgot to mention about the horrendous hatred that you have inflicted upon Natural Mothers and Adoptees Murray. Or did you conveniently 'forget' about that??"

This comment says so much more about the person posting it than it says about the writer.

First of all the person does not have enough conviction of their comments to put their name to it.

Secondly the person making the statement continue to push out the propaganda and lies in relation to my views on this while shameful episode called adoption in Australia.  That is a shameful act on its own

thirdly the person shows the hatred of anyone who disagrees with them which has been the position of some organisations since 2000 when there was a split.

If anyone can show me evidence that i have inflicted horrendous hatred upon my fellow adoptees and the many natural mothers who have suffered all their lives  please bring it forward.

I admit i call a spade a spade and if i think someone is talking bull i will say so.  but that is me stating my opinion freely.  

I have never tried to cloud the issue by trying to make it a Forgotten Australian and stolen generations issue. They have had their day in the media's eye and the Parliament of Australia and have had the injustices imposed upon them recognised for the terrible acts that they were.

I am about adoptees taking their place equally with the mothers in the public and the medias eye. I am about adoptees being recognised as victims of the past injustices.  i am for adoptees as being recognised as persons subject to forced adoptions regardless of the method under which consent was obtained.  If that means I am guilty of inflicting hatred upon mothers and adoptees, i will proudly say guilty.  because it means that the persons who feel this way towards me are an aberration and should be treated as such .   People like Janice, Leigh, Teri all mothers know me for what i am and whilst they may not agree with me, they respect my views like i respect theirs.  Adoptees like Melissa, Sonya, Neil, Clare, Jan , Cat and Kate are example of adoptees who do not think i impart horrendous hatred upon them.

There are about 500,000 persons in this great country who have been affected by adoption.  So there are about 500,000 differing points of view. And no one should try to impose their dogma and mantras upon any of us.


  1. I find it enormously sad that someone could come to post a comment like that, keeping alive the bullying, the criticism, the ridicule and hatred that has accompanied this Australian Government Inquiry into forced adoption.For those who like to keep alive their trauma and suffering and have a vested interest in trying to gain benefit from it, it is time to take it elsewhere, let adoptees get on with what they have to do and stop believing that only you are the experts on adoption.So many fallacies and myths have been perpetuated about what adoption is for adoptees.Time to stop and listen to adoptees.The Senators in this Inquiry have listened respectfully, taken the information on board and have understood the issues.That validation for adoptees is all we need.Where there is a vested interest in not changing ideas, direction or minds there will always be those who are prepared to be poisonous to others, enjoy the notoriety they think it gives them when they reveal themselves for who they really are.
    You Murray have spoken the truth, have tried to bring that to others but it sometimes falls not on deaf ears but on closed minds.You would think that non-adoptees interested in adoption would be happy to see adoptees speaking up, finding their voices and beginning to find their way wouldn't you!

  2. Murray, it seems that everywhere I turn I experience people telling me how I should feel and why I should feel that way.....you and Von are among the very few who have made me feel welcome to be MYSELF. I am one adoptee who is very glad to have met you through the forums. I have not seen a sigle thing posted by you that would justify that anonymous someones comments........

  3. I believe there there should be an effort to end all this, to let bygones be bygones. No bullying, no comments that have no other substance than to try to stab back.

    We should not be trying to take down those of us who are hurting and who are unwell.

    We have all been so terribly hurt by the whole adoptive process. I don't know one mother, or one adoptee who has come throughout this unnatural process unscathed.

    I am 61 years of age, and I am trying to make sense of what happened to me. I am getting there. One of the things I would love to see before I die, is that mothers and adoptees come together in peace. We were all part of a dishonest and uand uncaring society, and if we don't care for each other, I doubt others will.

  4. well said janice. yes we should all be respecting each others point of view but sadly, a noisy few have made it their mission to denigrate my point of view. My therapist has advised me that i have two separate issues which need treatment. One is all the issues surrounding my adoption and the manner in which i found out. The second is the trauma i have received at the hands of a noisy radical few who have tried to impose their views upon them and then attempted to ostracise me when i would not bow down to them. I too want all this to end and a sort of peace rain where we all recognise that we have different agendas. but for some unknown reason i seem to be painted as the Halloween Boogeyman because i stand up and do not not kow tow to any