Monday, 22 October 2012

need for moderation of Blog

Hello folks,  after the last two weeks where  anonymous posted allegations against of a criminal and slanderous nature were made in an attempt to silence me, i have reluctantly had to change my settings so that i will moderate any comments made.  Please keep the comments coming , i will only be stopping those which are slanderous and abusive.  i have tried to keep a free and open blog for comments because having peoples opinions are so very important.  So I know some will say i am censoring them but censoring of abusive and criminal slander is a right under law to protect ones integrity. Please do not hesitate to state your opinions of what you wish to discuss in relation to my blogs. only by honest and  say what we feel without being abusive. to date i do not know who sent it but my investigation of the last actions leading up to the comments indicate that there is a 70 percent chance that it originated from South Australia but not having any formal evidence i will leave it at that  (now see the SA's come out of the wood work screaming slander). needless to say the person is of very bad character and possibly a coward as well. i have always had the courage to post my comments under my own name (adoptive name) and it is now high time for google to ensure the integrity of all anonymous comments by storing details of their ISP address . Any person with a serious illness could have been sent over the edge with the comments made to me. as it was it did send me into a depressive sate just before the welcome apology that the Tasmanian government gave us. but i was determined to not let this individual ruin what was the most historic day in Tasmania for all affected by past adoptions.

So again my regret at having to moderate the comments. but if you give your name i will post the comments

regards to all

Murray Legro


  1. I agree, this is a wise course of action. Slander of a good name is evil!!

    1. I agree also, as I did see what this Slanderous comment was and I was shocked to think another person could stoop so low to hurt another person. :(

  2. Good choice Muzza. But sad that you have had to do this. The person who posted those remarks is obviously not just a coward, but a whackjob to boot.