Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Ones John West Reject

Now that the wonderful Tasmanian and Victorian have been delivered and we eagerly  await the federal apology, it is now time to look at the issue of over seas adoption and the consequences of loosening the current procedures operating within Australia.

Now let me first say without hesitation that the people whom i have been associated with who wish to facilitate a overseas adoption are very honourable people whom i personally believe have the correct motives in their desire to adopt an orphan from over seas. However, the rest of the world is not so altruistic  hence we find a great deal of evidence worldwide of abuses of the adoption process with the Hague Convention just being ignored within third world countries.  Stories continue to arise of stolen babies, babies who still have their parents alive, and a black market in babies and children. and when investigators go into some countries to verify the accuracy of the paperwork of an adopted child, even religious organisation who claim to have god on their side will refer such investigators to the police and make them subject to arrest.  This is the world of big money being made by all but the honest decent potential adoptive parent who if knowingly enters into a contract with these pedlars  may unwittingly be in breach of Australian and international law.

For those who desire , and i can understand their frustration, to relax Australian laws so they are more in sync with those in the USA need only look at this website to see that it , the USA system is a failed system which does not and appears never to have conducted overseas and local adoption using world best practices. The site is


This site is advertising ex adoptee's for which the new beginning has become a nightmare for them and the persons whom adopted them  apparently not able to handle the responsibility of raising a child so they just decide to dump their responsibility regardless of the continuing trauma that that child may have.  Boy i am glad my adoptive parents stuck with me even when i was at my worst.

If Australian laws are relaxed within ten years you will see these secondhand adoptee's on the market place, you will see children being dumped back in their country of birth. Now i am sure that the current people i know who wish to adopt would never dream of doing this BUT with relaxation of laws the chances of our great country degenerating into the free for all that the USA is will increase

Please be careful what you wish for, it just might happen. And we would not want to have the John West reject syndrome happen in this country

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