Monday, 13 October 2014

The Cancer of Hate

During the Senate inquiry into Forced Adoptions and the subsequent Apologies up to even recently I was subjected to a very vicious hate campaign directed towards me . Certain people vaguely threatened to harm me if i went to the Handing down of the senate report, on the eve of the Tasmanian apology claims were made I was a paedophile which were later carried on by a twisted adoptee where i was named on a outing Facebook page. Even in the last 12 months twisted individuals sought to destroy me putting up a false Facebook page on my name. I remember one day a full day was conducted on a Facebook group that illegally used the Australian coat of arms to attract members with the implication it was a official site, on attacking me.  Most of this is in the past and this is to impart upon all that i know what it is like to have a hate campaign conducted against you.

But what i endured is nothing compared to what is being endured by residents of Australia by the hate groups that have arisen which are instilling hate and bigotry within our community. There are many of them but i will mainly talk about what i read on the site of The Australian defence League-Soldiers Facebook page.  but i note that this organisation is opening Facebook sub groups all over Australia spreading their hatred to members of the Australian Islamic community in the guise of fee speech. but is it free speech to say things like the following:

" those fukn muslim pigs!!!! 
slaughter the fukn lot of them"

"Fuck it. Go get them. Kill them all and hang their bodies from a bridge."

"Lets get some muslim scum and give them the full on Aussie fight they want. Wipe them from the history books permanently"

The above is just a small example and yet the Government of the day whilst shouting loudly , and with some justification, about the hatred coming from a small number of extremists who use the cover of Islam to justify their hate campaigns, is strangely silent when others wrap themselves in the Australian flag to use a cover to spew their hate and bile. we know ASIO and police authorities are actively monitoring the Islamic extremists yet they have done nothing to those who spew the hate from the other side. yet as we know the Oklahoma bomber was a extreme right wing person and ASIO dropped the ball many years by concentrating on communist sympathisers when i fact the danger was the extreme right wing from a Baltic state. hence the raid on ASIO by the then Attorney General.

We as Australians have a responsibility to publicly out these hate groups to the authorities and our politicians regardless of who they are. The Australian Defence League-Soldiers were actually compiling a list of Islamist and left-wingers facebook profiles for whatever reason they had. A the name implies it would appear that former and serving members of the military may be involved. One can only imagine Hitler style brownshirts pounding on the "undesirables doors in the middle of the night to help educate the recalcitrant.  The rule of the thug replacing the rule of law and the freedom to disagree.

Now i have many friends on my list of friends who have legitimate concerns in relation to the role some of the extremists , especially those who have headed overseas to fight in other people war. But they don't run about threatening people they express their concerns in a legitimate way and good on them for doing it  because that is what democracy is about. as a retired RAAF member I too have concerns about the security of our nation and our reliance on materials support from overseas suppliers. I also have concerns at the events going on in the middle east and other hotspots around the world.  But what we think and talk about is not about hatred based upon race religion etc it is about being Australians and the many varied peoples who are so proud of our country. This is about ensuring the hate mongers are removed from their phony covers of using patriotism of religion to preach their hate. But we cant do it whilst our leaders also use those props to support their causes.

I am sure our prime minister has a good heart and has no racist intent. but by reacting to speeches conducted at Islamic centre in the manner he did inflames what is a delicate situation.  he has aggressive tendencies as shown by his use of the term " shirt fronting President Putin"  In Australia a shirt front means this:

"An aggressive scruff of an opponents jumper is often called a shirt front and is an illegal and reportable offense (but again, often subject to interpretation). In some cases, for example, one player will grasp his opponents jumper and aggressively pull and push him trying to make contact with the lower jaw with his fist."

So our Prime Minister is espousing the use of aggressive behaviour to the leader of another country,much like what the Australian defence league is espousing towards people of the islamic faith

This hatred has to stop as it is destroying the delicate framework of our society built up over 100 years.
Failure to do so will make our country so much more dangerous and fearful

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