Saturday, 6 December 2014

The need for adoptees to have their medical conditions professionally assessed

I have been seeing a psychologist for over four years ever since i had a breakdown in  Echuca.
I have been treated for PTSD. I have been very open about this because I believe if i can get one person to see a professional as opposed to those who practise instant cures I have done my job as a adoptee who advocates the traditional treatment line. As part of my application for non liability treatment through the department of veterans affairs Australia, I was required to have a assessment from a psychiatrist.  As a result of that assessment i now believe that i have had the condition listed for most of my life but by sheer willpower have managed to keep the symptoms at bay most of the time until the the early 2000's. By most of the tie I mean that there were many times where anger and rage was so intense that i could not remember what occurred. I managed to control that eventually but yes the remnants of that anger still manifests itself whenever i am threatened or people try to treat me by any form of abuse micro or macro. As a result of my character flaw, many who claimed to support deserted me and then spread the word i was not to be trusted.  Many like Lizzy Howard(Brew), Cameron Horn and Christin Coralive us that flaw against by ridiculing me making false claims and even false Facebook pages about me knowing i would react and then they may actually devalue what i was attempting to do, that is present a logical face to adoption and paint a non rhetorical picture of the costs to adoption without the claims of male adoptee being killers, drug addicts and losers.

I now put myself out on a limb for further ridicule by showing my psychiatric evaluation with the names of the medical practitioners removed. I do this in the hope that at least one other adoptee no matter where they live will say, hey that seems like me maybe i should go and get evaluated. If that happens i will be so happy.  I know those who despise what i stand for will again use this against me and yes, probably I will overreact against their sickening activities. I also hope that in the future those within the adoptee community will treat those of us who have these issues and how we respond will treat them much more kindly than i was treated

Merry Christmas all and I truly hope you can enter the festive season with joy in your heart

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  1. Thank you for your courage in posting this. I hope it helps others. I hope that those who persecute others will one day learn compassion.