Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Black Day

Saturday was one of the blackest days in my adoptee life. The world had tumbled in upon me and was caused by a person who had so  such hate in her heart she cannot logically see the truth when it looked her in the eyes. However her actions say more about her than she would like. but this post is not about her.

What this post is about is the support i received from so many people many of whom would not know me from a bar of soap. There were people I am close to,and have known for so long,Neil, Janice, Kimmeah, Charlotte, Melissa and Von . but there were new friends like Clare, Kylie, Cat, Kerri, and David who were also helping me to get through that dark day.Clare and Janice kept me talking for most of the day and tried to get me through  the day.And to add to that the support from my darling Sheryl who was unable to hold me because i was so far from home,and my daughter Sandra and sons Shawn and Anthony .

As an adoptee, we always have that feeling of being disassociated from people near and dear. that illogical feeling remains but my rational side now is slowly beginning to get through my thick grey cells that i am not alone. and for that I am so grateful. I cannot say it wont happen again because some who despise may wish to try a similar attack again because they fear the truth and that for adoptees the path to healing is the future not wallowing in the past.

I will leave you with one positive note folks. I know that many adoptees in the past have removed themselves from this earth and that remains a source of concern for all adoptees. but I never in my darkest moments contemplated that course of action.  The previous blogs posted during that dark period remain because it shows that we, adoptees who have had a good life if you can call it that, do have so many a dark periods in their lives and those post are a reminder that i am still living the life of an adoptee.

thanks you all and I give you my love

Murray who was born Kerry


  1. I am very emotional after reading this ..thank you for mentioning me , it means a lot <3

  2. Onya Muzz! And what a great group of supporters with good intentions and the welfare of others at heart even with their own issues to deal with.Out of a dark day often comes some new learning and a more positive direction..on we go!! Von x

  3. i know its unlike me, but i'm lost for words. thank you sooo much for helping me through a dark day too. and if you ever think of checking out early, i'll kick your ass. who else can tell me stories that make me cry... but with laughter??? (((((muzz)))))